Complimentary copies of the book

On 22 May, Delarge sent to Marguerite Fiévez a list of persons and organisations to whom a complimentary copy of the book would be sent as well as a list of publications to which copies would be sent for review purposes.


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Return the uncorrected proofs!

After several weeks of back and forth over the proofs of the book, on 20 May 1963, Fiévez wrote to M. Souchier, the printer, asking him to send her the uncorrected proofs with the original text that had not been approved by “Malines,” i.e. Suenens and the archdiocesan censors.

7, rue Royale Sainte Marie,

Bruxelles 3

Bruxelles, 20 May 1963

Monsieur M. Souchier,


1, rue des Chantiers,

Paris 5ème 


Dear Sir,

Here we are, surely, on the eve of the publication of Monsignor Cardijn’s book. May I ask you for a small chore?

Given the (moral) importance of the alterations that had to be made to the manuscript, at Malines’ suggestion, Monsignor Cardijn believes it would be necessary to recover the first proof to which the corrections were made. Do you think it’s still possible to have it back? It would be a great help.

It’s a pity I didn’t know about this before I sent it back to you the other day by express mail; it would no doubt have made things easier. But then… I only received this request yesterday.

Please excuse me for bothering you again, and accept my thanks in advance.

With, dear Sir, my warmest regards.

Marguerite Fiévez


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