Enrique Angelelli ordained bishop

Bishop Enrique Angelelli

On 12 March 1961, Fr Enrique Angelelli, JOC chaplain in the Argentine Diocese of Cordoba, was ordained as an auxiliary bishop for that diocese.

Over a decade earlier, he had founded the JOC in the diocese alongside Jose ‘Pepe’ Palacio

Fifteen years later he would die a martyr during Argentina’s Dirty War.


Bishop Bl. Enrique Ángel Angelelli Carletti (Catholic Hierarchy)

Enrique Angelelli (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)

José Serapio Palacio (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)

Bishop Power of Antigonish

On 12 May 1960, Pope John appointed Fr William Power, the national chaplain of the English-speaking Canadian YCW as the bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish.

Significantly, this diocese was the home to the Antigonish Movement, a Canadian cooperative movement with origins in the 19th century.


Bishop William Edward Power (Catholic Hierarchy)

Obituary Rev. William Edward Power (Newspapers.com)

Antigonish Movement (Wikipedia)


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