Council of Presidents

To carry out the immense task of organising and coordinating the work of 2500 bishops and 500-odd theologians, Pope John appointed a 10-member Council of Presidents to coordinate the work of the General Congregations.

The Council of Presidents

Cardinal Eugène Tisserant, a Frenchman, who had been a Sillon sympathiser, and was Vatican Librarian and Archivist

Cardinal Achille Liénart, Lille, France

Patriarch Ignace Gabriel I/Cardinal Théophile Tappouni, Patriarch of Antioch and Bishop of Beirut

Cardinal Norman Gilroy, Sydney, Australia

Cardinal Francis Spellman, New York, USA

Cardinal Josef Frings, Cologne, West Germany

Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini, Palermo, Italy

Cardinal Antonio Caggiano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cardinal Bernard Alfrink, Utrecht, Netherlands

Cardinal Albert Meyer, Chicago, USA

Cardinal Stefan Wyszinski, Gniezno and Warsaw, Poland

Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, Genoa, Italy


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