Request to the Dutch JOC movements

On 17 February, 1961, Cardijn wrote to the male and female JOC movements in the Netherlands urgently requesting them to send information about their work to the Prep Com on Lay Apostolate.

To the J.O.C. and J.O.C.F.

Of the Netherlands.

My dear Presidents,

Dear Fr Chaplain,

I have just returned from Rome where I attended the 2nd session of the Pontifical Commission for the Lay Apostolate in preparation for the next Ecumenical Council. I am happy to be able to bring you a special Blessing from the Holy Father.

I am writing to you urgently because the Pontifical Commission has asked for a report on the J.O.C. and on the other organizations of the lay apostolate as soon as possible, in order to be able to draw conclusions to present to the next Council on: Catholic Action and lay apostolate.

I therefore request you to send a report on your J.O.C.-J.O.C.F in duplicate as soon as possible to

Son Eminence the Cardinal Cento,

President of the Pontifical Commission

for the lay apostolate,

Chancellery Palace,

Chancellery Square, ROME. Italy.

The report does not need to be very long, but you can add as appendices facts, publications, achievements that explain your activity. This report should answer the questions indicated n the attached note.

I insist once again that the report, in duplicate, should reach Rome at the earliest opportunity and that you send me a copy in Brussels.

Thank you in advance and see you soon in Rio de Janeiro!

Cordially united in Christ.

If. Cardijn,

Chaplain General.

P.S. Monsignor Ramselaar has agreed to write a report on Catholic Action in Holland. You could contact him and send him a copy of your report.


JOCI Archives 6.4