Albert Descamps, auxiliary bishop of Tournai

Bishop Albert Descamps

On 3 November 1960, Pope John XXIII appointed the biblical scholar and theologian, Albert Descamps, as auxiliary bishop of Tournai, alongside Bishop Himmer.

In 1954, he addressed a training session for JOC chaplains. In 1961, he would also accompany a JOC pilgrimage to Lourdes.

And in 1962, he would become Rector Magnificent of the University of Louvain.


Bishop Albert Louis Descamps (Catholic Hierarchy)

Albert Descamps, évêque (

Albert Descamps, Aux sources bibliques de notre message (Notes de Pastorale Jociste, 1955, T. 20, N° 3 et 4, 34-47)


Bishop Descamps, (Jac. de Nijs (ANEFO)) — GaHetNa (Nationaal Archief NL)  (Wikipedia)