Streiff appointed to the Lay Apostolate Commission

On 31 January 1963, Mgr Jean Streiff, the secretary for Catholic Action in France, wrote to Mgr Achille Glorieux informing him that Cardinal Liénart had forwarded him a letter appointing him as a peritus for the Lay Apostolate Commission.

Paris, 31 January, 1963

Monsignor GLORIEUX

Commission Secretary

Apostolatu Laicorum

Opizio S.Marta

Vatican City – ROME


Dear Monsignor,

His Eminence Cardinal LIENART, back from Rome, sends me a letter of appointment and a card of “Peritus” from the Council.

He asks me in his letter to place me at your disposal immediately, which I gladly do.

In a few days we have a meeting of the National Committee for the Apostolate of the Laity and we have included in the program  the remote preparation of the World Congress and the search for the best method to work usefully and efficiently on the texts that you kindly sent us.

Be assured, dear Monsignor, of the assurance of my prayers for your work which affects us so closely in the expression of my religious and very friendly sentiments.

Monsignor Jean STREIFF

Secretary General of Catholic Action


Archives Streiff St 11 467 (Institut catholique de Paris)

Stefan Gigacz, The Leaven in the Council, Chapter 7, The Council opens without Cardijn (Australian Cardijn Institute)

Publishing contract nearly finalised

On 25 January 1963, Marguerite Fiévez wrote to Jean-Pierre Delarge indicating to him that agreement had virtually been reached regarding the contract to publish the book.

Instead of 20% royalties, Cardijn was asking only 10% but 500 extra copies to distribute, evidently to Council Fathers, theologians, etc.


Archives Cardijn 1778

A new draft of Cardijn’s manuscript

On 14 January 1963, Marguerite Fiévez wrote to Jean-Pierre Delarge informing him that Cardijn’s collaborators had met in Brussels and wished to modify the proposed publishing contract on several points.

As a result, they drafted a new proposed contract, which Fiévez forwarded to Delarge.


Archives Cardijn 1778

“The lay apostolate on a global scale”

On 4 January 1963, Jean-Pierre Delarge sent to Marguerite Fiévez a draft contract for the publication of Cardijn’s book under the title of “L’apostolat des laïcs à la dimension du monde” or “The lay apostolate on a global scale.”


Archives Cardijn 1788