Bishop Araujo Sales endorses Cardijn

On 18 February 1963, Brazilian bishop, Dom Eugenio Araujo Sales, also a member of the Lay Apostolate Commission, wrote to Cardijn approving the draft manuscript of his book, emphasising its timeliness.

Natal, 18/2/63

My dear Monsignor Cardijn.

I received your letter of January 15, 1963, as well as your publication, which I am now reading carefully. I’m very interested. The position is very clear and I fully agree with your points of view. I believe,

Your Excellency, that we are at a moment of the utmost importance in determining the role of the laity in the Church. In the present apostolic situation, the participation of the well-trained layman will succeed in keeping the various de-Christianized or almost de-Christianized circles in the Church, or in bringing them back into it.

In prayer to God to bless your extraordinary work, I send you an affectionate blessing.

Reverend Mgr. Jos. Cardijn

General Chaplain of the YCW

78, Boulevard Poincaré

Brussels 7 7 – CCP 62081


Dom Eugênio de Araújo Sales

Apostolic Administrator


Archives Cardijn 1783

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