Cardijn asks Palémon Glorieux to comment on his manuscript

On 17 October 1962, Cardijn wrote to French theologian, Palémon Glorieux, who was accompanying Cardinal Liénart at the Council as his personal advisor, asking him to comment on the manuscript of his book.

Brussels, 17 October, 1962

Reverend Monsignor P. Glorieux,
Procurator of S. Sulpizio,
113, via Quattro Fontane,
Roma, Italy

Dear Monsignor,

Would you mind if I bother you? I tried to reach you at Lille; and Monsieur Dewitte gave me your address in Rome, encouraging me to contact you.

For three or four years, I have been asked to compile several articles that I have published on the apostolate of the laity and Catholic Action since 1935. Alas! my travels around the world never allowed me to complete the tasking of compilation and “aggiornamento”. Now we are about to celebrate my 80th birthday; the Council is about to speak, and the publishers insist that I no longer postpone the matter.

I had a search made for the articles which seemed to me the most characteristic. Mademoiselle Fiévez has linked them by a thin historical thread and the text, which is being mimeographed at the moment, and will be finished next Monday.

This is only a draft publication. Would you have the time and the courage to read it and could you give me your opinion confidentially? Can we publish it? Are there not serious omissions, too flagrant theological errors? Will it not seem like “figs after Easter”?

Before risking its publication, I would like to obtain the opinion of a very sincere and very sure friend. This opinion will decide on its immediate publication or its postponement till later in a more careful and better researched publication. Dear Monsignor, if you could promise to give me your personal opinion after reading the mimeographed text, by the first half of November, I will send you this text on Monday.

Please excuse my impertinence, and accept, dear Monsignor, with my prayers for the work with which you are so closely associated at this moment in Rome, my most affectionate thanks and the assurance of all my attachment.

Jos. Cardijn,
Chaplain general of the YCW

90, rue des Palais,
Brussels 3


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