First Sub-Commission not finished

Meeting dates for 1962

During the October meeting, it became clear that the First Sub-Commission on General Notions of the Lay Apostolate, Catholic Action and Evangelisation of which Cardijn was a part was having trouble completing its work, probably due at least in part to Cardijn’s dissatisfaction with its direction. Hence, the need for an extra day’s meeting on the Saturday.

On the other hand, the Second and Third Sub-commissions on charitable action and social action respectively had already nearly finished their work.

The aim was to finalise the work in order to present the texts from the First Sub-Commission at the end of January 1962.

And another session was to be held in April 1962 to vote on the finalised drafts.

Dates of the meetings:

  • 24-31 January 1962
  • 4-11 April 1962.


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