Press reports audience with John XXIII

On 10 March 1960, the Belgian Catholic paper, La Cité carried a report of the visit to Rome by Cardijn and Romeo Maione.

“On Wednesday 2 March, the Holy Father received Mgr Jos. Cardijn, chaplain general and Mr Maione, president of the International YCW, in private audience,” the report said.

“They visited Rome for six days to inform the Authorities of the Secretary of State, the Propagation of the Faith and the other Roman Congregations of the activities of the YCW in the various continents.

“Not content with reporting the major actions carried out in Latin America during 1959 – action which culminated in the meeting of the International Executive Committee in Havana, Cuba and a Study Congress of South American leaders of the YCW in Lima, Peru, International YCW leaders took the opportunity to submit to the Holy Father the objectives and the program of two new very important Continental Meetings which will take place in the coming months.

“The first will bring together 70 YCW delegates from countries in the Far East and the Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand) in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, from 26 March to 3 April. The second will be addressed to jocist leaders in the Black African countries in Leopoldville, from 1-7 August.

“Monsignor Cardijn and Mr Maione received a warm welcome everywhere. For his part, the Holy Father, also exhibited even greater confidence and hope in the apostolate of the YCW, recalling with pleasure the autograph letter which He had addressed to its founder in April 1959. He gave the visitors his most fraternal Blessing for all YCW members and for all young workers of the world.”


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