Bishop Enrique Angelelli, auxiliary of Cordoba, Argentina

Bishop Enrique Angelelli

On 12 December 1960, Pope John XXIII appointed Enrique Angelelli Carletti, a founder of the JOC and the JUC in the Diocese of Córdoba, Argentina, as auxiliary bishop of that diocese.

The son of Italian immigrants, Bishop Angelelli was born in Córdoba and entered the seminary of Our Lady of Loreto at 15 years of age. He was then sent to Rome to finish his studies. He was ordained priest on 9 October 1949 and returned to Córdoba.

He started working in a parish, where he founded the JOC for the Diocese of Córdoba and worked in its slums. He was also a chaplain to the University YCS movement (JUC).

Later he became bishop of La Rioja before he was eventually assassinated on 4 August 1976 as a result of his work with the poor of the diocese.

He also worked closely in Córdoba with the lay leader and IYCW international collaborator, Jose Serapio Palacio, who was also killed (‘disappeared’) by the Argentine military on 13 December 1975.


Bishop Bl. Enrique Ángel Angelelli Carletti (Catholic Hierarchy)

Enrique Angelelli (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)